Our world is your oyster

Do you want to start your professional career in a company that offers a wealth of advancement prospects? Then you have come to the right place.

Whatever your secondary school education, our family-owned company has the right vocational training scheme for you at our training locations in Coburg, Hallstadt, Würzburg, Wuppertal and Berlin. You can train for a commercial or technical occupation or follow the dual education system combining company experience with academic knowledge at a University of Cooperative Education. And afterwards we have the perfect job for you, either here or abroad.

Around 300 young people are currently training at our training locations  or qualifying through the dual education system, with its ideal combination of theory and practice.

What we are looking for in addition to your school achievements is your willingness to learn, to show commitment and to work as part of a team. We ask for and promote certain skills: personal initiative, team spirit and responsible action – important skills that you will be able to hone in our Junior Company scheme.

As a Brose apprentice you will be working in one of the largest, most exciting sectors worldwide – the automotive industry. This is why we also prepare you for international collaboration by providing job-related courses in English.

Our modern working world includes plenty of creative freedom, open communication and a wide range of social benefits in the areas of fitness, health and catering for everyone, including our youngest junior staff.

Please note: in all job descriptions on the following pages, female and male employees are addressed in gender-neutral terms.