University of Witten-Herdecke

To ensure the continued existence of the first Institute for Family Companies at the private University of Witten-Herdecke, we have been supporting the competence and research center since 2005, along with 32 other family-owned companies.
Founded in 1998, the institute aims to examine the risks and opportunities for family-owned companies and to make a substantial contribution to theoretical concepts, research and training, documenting the economic and social significance of family-owned companies.

For further information please go to www.uni-wh.de


Northern Institute of Technology

The Brose Group has been a sponsor of the Northern Institute of Technology Management, located in Hamburg-Harburg, for many years. Brose supports Asian students of mechatronics and international production management in Germany by providing scholarships to cover the cost of tuition.
The objective is to ensure a supply of junior executives for the Group’s Asian locations in the medium term.

For further information please go to www.nithh.de.


Coburg University of Applied Sciences – “fugenlos” office
In March 2004, the Coburg University of Applied Sciences opened a new city office “fugenlos” (“seamless”) in order to promote contacts between the Coburg population and the university students. The purpose was to encourage creativity and fresh ideas while also opening up a channel for critical dialogue.

From the very start we have paid the rent for the office because we hope that the presence of creative young people will make Coburg's town center livelier and more attractive.

For further information please go to www.fh-coburg.de.   

WAK Prize

Since 2007, Brose has been a sponsor of the WAK Prize, which is awarded annually in cooperation with the Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitskreis Kunststofftechnik (WAK, Scientific Alliance of Polymer Technology Professors). The alliance includes 22 of the most highly respected professors in the field of plastics technology at German universities. Brose gives one prize to a student nearing the completion of his or her studies and one to a doctoral candidate. Together the prizes total 9,000 euros. They are awarded for academic theses relating to the development of new methods and techniques in plastics processing.
For further information please go to www.wak-kunststofftechnik.de.


Bergisch Automotive Education Prize

Since 2006, our headquarters in Wuppertal have supported the Bergisch Automotive Education contest, in which some 60 pupils in their 12th school year spend a day with different companies in the Wuppertal/Remscheid/Solingen area.

They are assigned special projects tasks, and are asked to formulate and then present a solution approach for the company in question. The purpose of the contest is to stimulate interest in the automotive industry among pupils who are approaching the end of secondary education.
For further information please go to www.bergischerbildungspreis.de