The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

Our Hallstadt plant near Bamberg has been a Bamberg Symphony Orchestra sponsor for eight years. In 2007 the orchestra was renamed the Bavarian State Philharmonic. With our financial backing we specifically support the orchestra in its aim to appeal to younger audiences: two student concerts are held every year – with tickets at concessionary prices.

Since 2007 we have also been the main sponsors of the Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition – an internationally acclaimed, world-class music competition attracting applications from over 200 young conductors in 40 countries.

For more information see www.bamberger-symphoniker.de.

Mozart Festival in Würzburg

Brose unterstützt das Mozartfest Würzburg

In the city of Würzburg the annual Mozart Festival, which attracts some 30,000 visitors, counts as one of the city’s cultural highlights. From 2010 onwards the week-long series is set to become a whole month of concerts. The established tradition of famous international names performing for discerning audiences will continue.

There will also be new additions in the form of various children’s concerts and a family festival: the latter will focus on the modern interpretation of classical music, with the aim of introducing the genre to a wider public.
For more information see www.mozartfest-wuerzburg.de.

Penyafort Castle

Brose unterstützt den Wiederaufbau der Burg von Penyafort
Since 2009, our plant in Sta. Margarida, Spain, has been providing support to a local foundation which is restoring Penyafort Castle.
Built in the 12th century, this stronghold is part of Catalonia's natural heritage. It suffered considerable destruction during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). With the help of donations it was possible to begin with restoration in 2002. The castle will be used primarily for concerts and other cultural events.
For more information see www.castelldepenyafort.net.

Gothenburg Opera House

Brose unterstützt die Oper Göteborg

Our Gothenburg location has supported the city’s opera house since 2009. The idea for an opera house in the city’s harbor was implemented in 1994 with the help of the region’s companies and the public.

Since then, the theatre has offered a high-quality repertoire of opera, dance and musicals.
The futuristic building is modeled on a ship and has become one of the city’s architectural landmarks.
For more information visit www.opera.se.